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  • What email should I use to signup for this website?
    Your school should have sent us a spreadsheet with everyone's names and emails being used. Please use the email from there. When choosing what email to put on the spreadsheet, try to (1) use the email you'll use for Teams, or try to (2) use the email your Tabroom account is associated with.
  • How do I find my compeititon room?
    1) Find your event page from the "Debate" or "Speech" dropdowns at the top of the site. 2) Find your round pairing on Tabroom. Tabroom should provide you with a room number, such as "LD-101." 3) On the event page, simply find the room number that matches with your Tabroom pairing and click the "Enter Room" button. 4) This should open a new tab, that will ask you how you want to join the meeting. Select the appropriate option and follow the instructrions provided.
  • Should I turn my video on?
    If possible, all competitors and judges should try to turn their video on. Observors are NOT allowed to turn on their video cameras.
  • When should I be muted?
    Follow this simple rule: if you're supposed to be talking, unmute yourself. If you're not supposed to be talking, mute yourself.
  • I'm having connectivity issues. How can I improve my connection?
    Try using a wired ethernet connection, if possible. Move closer to your WiFi router, if possible. Turn off your outgoing video. Turn off incoming video (this option can be found by clicking on the three dots in the Teams meeting). If your computer is being slow, try closing unneccesary applications. If your WiFi is being inconsistent or you're experiencing computer problems, you can join the meeting from your phone using cellular data if you download the Microsoft Teams app. If all else fails, you can call into the meeting. For information on how to do dial-in, submit a support request via the "Troubleshooting" tab.
  • Where do I find my ballot?
    Ballots are all handled by, as usual.
  • How do I decide whether to let someone join a room or not?
    Find your pairings for that flight. Then, open up our reference spreadsheet. Find the emails for all the competitors on there. If somone requesting to join your round has an email that matches up, let them in. Don't worry about spectators, Tab will take care of that :)
  • How can I request a competitor's record from Tabroom?
    Navigate to the troubleshooting form. When asked for the issue you are encountering, select the optoin to request a record. Please note that these requests are the lowest priority, so it may take us a while to get back to you.
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