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Cascade Commons Tournament Hosting

Interested in using our platform for your tournament?  Contact


  • Secure site only accessible by tournament participants

  • Asynchronous speech videos only visible to judges


  • Wix, our site-host, has a near-perfect record; their sites are live 99.8 % of the time!

  • Video meetings are hosted by Microsoft Teams -- the same service used by our military and 100+ of the biggest companies in the world.

  • Teams has a financially-backed 99.9% uptime.


  • Our site has unlimited bandwidth -- we can handle tens of thousands of visitors at once.

  • Microsoft Teams has over 75 million daily users -- each call can have 250 participants at once!

  • Microsoft and Wix take care of servers; this means that numerous, big tournaments can safely run at once without crashing.

Smooth Interface

  • Once signed-in, reaching your round only takes three or four clicks!

  • By embedding certain Tabroom pages on our site, we let competitors see their pairings while staying on our site.

Comprehensive Support

  • The nature of service means that major tech issues -- like the ones Grapevine experienced -- are extremely unlikely.

  • A large majority of tech issues can be solved by referencing our easy-to-follow support guide.

  • We plan on having live support available for select tournaments.

Tried and Tested

  • Our platform smoothly ran a middle school tournament with no tech-based interruptions to debate rounds -- that means even 6th grades were able to easily use our website!

Exclusive Speech Solution

  • We're the only affordable website with an online solution designed specifically for speech.

  • Tournaments can opt to have students pre-record speeches. 

  • By integrating Dropbox with our site, and adding some anti-cheating measures, we are able to limit the amount of takes a student can have at their speech -- this prevents students from having months to perfect a video and then submit it.

Optimized for Privacy

  • Microsoft Teams encrypts data in transit. The service is even HIPAA compliant, meaning that it's privacy features follow strict federal laws surrounding medical information.

Harnessing Automation

  • We have customized and automated some processes so you can focus on the tournament, not the technology

    • Site members will be auto-approved if their emails match one from a spreadsheet of participant emails.​

    • Support requests will be sent directly to the emails and phones of the tech support crew.

Connectivity For Everyone

  • Our website and Microsoft Teams both have versions optimized for phones -- this means that even if someone lacks access to reliable WiFi, they have two options:

    • Call-in to the round, this works even off an old landline!

    • Join off the Teams app, this requires a cellular data connection.

Made for Speech + Debate

  • Integrated Teams chat allows quick and easy doc sending.

  • Google Docs and SpeechDrop integrated links for PF and LD streamline online evidence sharing.

  • Website chat simplifies communication between squads.

  • General purpose tournament rooms. 

Additional Features

  • Hand raising

  • Event recording

  • Feature requests

  • Extemp rooms

  • Pre-approved observers

  • Document repository for tournament invitation and congress bills

In Development

  • Event live streaming

  • Display of times, timers, rules and topics

  • Secure school squad rooms

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